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Misti Cooper  ~ Holy Fire Reiki Master ~ Energy Healer ~ California

​Misti Cooper~ Spiritual Alchemist™, Intuitive Consultant, Author and Inspirational Speaker. Misti Cooper is a gifted and passionate force for healing who is a certified Tibetan Trained Holy Fire Reiki Master. *A Keeper of a Mayan Activated Crystal Skull and educated as a Shambhala Energetic Healer. Misti is Trained as a Qi-Gong practitioner utilizing Meridian Rainbow Light and is a Lemurian  Star seed Crystal Therapy Healer. She has become the emotional bridge between Medicine and the Immune System. Misti’s first book “Mistical” will be published in 2016.

Misti’s life began on earth with a near death experience at nine months old. Her first memory of being visited by spirit was at age three. She experienced transference of light so powerful it activated her energetic ability. Being touched by spirit helped her deal with the events of trauma she suffered thru-out childhood and prepared her to be the powerful healer she is today. Misti’s healing work is centered in the Divine Feminine Energy of Creation. You can Experience the transference of this Love from her as she Opens your Heart and expands it, to heal your past, present and future lives.

Misti has helped Clients with PTSD~Multi personality disorder~Flashbacks~Lymphoma, Ovarian Cancer~Digestive issues~ Drug Addiction~Stress~Life Purpose ~Money ~Relationships & Love. She offers hands on 90 minute healing session utilizing all modalities with the Crystal Skull. Home clearing & Blessings are available. Intuitive Consulting via Skype and she teams up with Soul Photographer Rebecca Dru for a Private One Day “Spiritual Makeover”. Misti can help facilitate a shift within you. Check out her customer raves page on her web site to find out more…

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