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Melissa Stamps  ~ Feng Shui Practitioner ~ New Jersey.


Melissa Waite Stamps is a certified and highly trained and experienced  Feng Shui expert. She helps people transform their lives through their living and work space. She has studied with Black Sect Tantric Tibetan Buddhism Feng Shui Masters, Master Lin Yun, Nancy Santo Pietro, Steven Post, Barry Gordon, Terah Katherine Collins and Mary Dennis. Understanding the practical ,mysterious nature of Chi and its infinite expressions can transform our space. Feng Shui is a luminous mirror. Working with Chi, Yin & Yang, the 5 Elements , Color,
Light and auspicious placement of furniture. As we go deeper into Feng Shui,  secret and practical solutions, and ancient principles that originate in Tibetan Shamanism.

Melissa is also experienced and excels in

. Home Showcasing

. Interior Design

. Space Clearing 

Create beauty, harmony and flow and a successful life! Contact Melissa at 201 865 3823

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