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 ​​Tel:  1-720 352 2556    Web Site: www.Jasminedevian.com 

​ Email: Sappphirehealing11@yahoo.com

Jasmine Devian~  Energy Healer ~  Angel Healer~ Crystal Healer ~ CO 

To become a member of this healing directory please click here or call 970 586 3565

Brought To You By Rosemary The Celtic Lady

Jasmine can best be described as an anomaly. Her greatest strength is her ability to look at a problem objectively and understand how emotion affects one's ability to problem-solve or assess a situation. She has a sixth sense or what most would call an intuitive ability for sizing up someone's personality and the situation, so much so, that she often anticipates their behaviors - and she can do it without ever having met a person. She has amazing ability to listen very carefully to people's word choices. She picks up on how they react (or don't react) to her questions, and takes note of body language, all three of which make a very powerful impression on how the person is addressing the issue at hand and how their behavior/decision is "writing their future".

Why are people drawn to her and seek her advice? She doesn't sugar-coat the answers - and what a breath of fresh air in a world where everyone is afraid of truth and consequences. She tells it like it is, which surprises most people, and may even put them on the defensive. Her personal challenges and life experience have make her highly perceptive to human behavior and she'll ask the right questions and provide the tools to help people navigate a situation, or navigate through life.

Is she successful at helping people? Absolutely! Over the years, she has discovered that as much as people say they just want someone to tell them what they should do, as human beings, they just don't do it. People want so desperately to feel in control of their situation and are often too blinded by emotion to choose the right path. Instead of telling people what they should do, she has adapted her methods to asking more guided questions  that help people navigate through their own clouded judgment and ultimately bring them to a conclusion that they make for themselves...and by doing so, she helps people gain control of their lives. The result is that people feel empowered in knowing that they are doing what is best for themselves. The end result? The end result is that people begin living the life they really want to live.