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Ginger ~Animal Healer ~Energy Healer ~ Reiki Master ~ Intuitive Healer ~Spiritual Healer. CA

​​Do you ever wonder if you are on the right path?  Have you ever asked, what is my life’s purpose?  Who can help me? Look no further let me help you, let me guide you.  With over 15 years as a therapist I decided I no longer wanted to fix people but that I wanted to help them.  I use my gifts (empath, clairaudient, claircognizance, clairsentience), abilities to connect with spirit guides, angels, and fairies to provide honest and accurate guidance. 

We all have the power to make our own destiny because we have free will. We all have intuition and we can develop it to be amazing and help others.  Every single one of us when healing ourselves and coming into our own light need to heal from the core with love.  I can help you do this. 

Do you have trouble forgiving other or even yourself?  Let me help you with this as a certified Ho’oponopono practitioner I can help you to let go and clean your life and your world.

Do you have an animal that is acting weird lately let me work with you to guide you to learn how to heal them and even cut cords that may be attached to them from previous relationships, places, lives, etc.  We can also cut any cords that may be attached to you from previous relationships, places and lives. 

Let me help you to see how past lives are affecting your current situation or life and let’s work together and heal this so that the cycle stops now.

Ever had a dream that you did not understand?  Let me help you to understand what the dream is saying. 

Ever wonder why it seems you attract negativity or bad relationships?  Ever been able to feel what other humans feel and even animals and wonder why?  Do people who do not even know you start talking to you and telling you their life story?  Do you always see the good in people no matter what?  Do you feel drained after going to the store or anywhere?  Do you sometimes feel like you just do not belong you are an outsider?  You are not alone, you are an Empath.  It is now time for you to flourish and develop this gift and I can help you do that with Empath Couching.

I am trained in the following:
Animal healing
Certified Tarot, angel, fairy card reader
Past life healer
Ho’oponopono practitioner
Reiki Master
Chakra healer
Dream interpretation
Relationship, spiritual, and empath coaching
Essential oils

My clients choose me because I am honest, and straightforward.  I also teach my clients how to live with their gifts in a loving way.  My work comes from love and my clients can feel that.  I am passionate about what I do and love what I do.  I am always honest, open, trustworthy, judgement free, and I make things tailored to each individuals needs.  I look forward to helping you along on your life’s journey.

To become a member of this healing directory please click here or call 970 586 3565

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